Monday, July 15, 2013


Singular post on the whole Martin/Zimmerman issue. It's not what went on in court that doomed this case, it's all public perception. For 30+ years we as a race have been hell bent on being a menace to society. It's been in our dress, our music, our attitudes. For some "thug" is a way of life. We have spent the better part of 3 decades honing this image, knowing full well that this country is not color blind. It's illogical to think that the jury that was seated for this trial would reach a different verdict. If you want this to never happen again. If you want to be seen as people, then stop with the whole "thug" mentality. It scares people, particularly people who are under the impression that all black people are products of the 'hood and we all carry guns. 

By no means am I justifying the verdict or condoning the actions of the men who are out killing and claiming self defense. But this image problem that we have perpetuated has put a target on the backs of young black men. Parents, parent. When you have kids, you can't be, "bout dat life". You pull them into it. And you end up with a society that believes that they are threatened by every young black male they see.