Monday, May 27, 2013

Where does one begin.............?

For a while now I have considered starting a serious blog. I just did not know where to start. Then I realized that thinking about it is not getting it done. So now i begin.

Let's start with an intro. I am from a small town in Mississippi. This city that I called home for so many years goes by the name of Pearl, named, I assumed for rhe river that flows nearby. Strangely enough, the city was "born" the same year I was. Just a few miles from the capitol city.

Those of you that know Mississippi, know that to say people are conservative is conservative. Moderation is somewhat of a vague notion in the minds of some and a liberal way of thinking for others. Needless to say I grew up in a time and place that in a way shaped me in contrast.

So in my postings I will take a look at various issues and how they effect me as "the common man". My view of what our political system has right and what it needs to work on. We'll take a look at what's news and what's fluff. Explore strange news from around the web. Delve into conspiracies. Talk food. Review books and movies. Trash talk and as always welcome lively discussions on any topics.

Drop by any ol' time and feel right at home..Just mind your manners! And we'll get along fine.

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